How To Use Coupon Codes

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How to use Coupon Codes?
1. Access/Search Merchant Coupons Page on
2. Click on our Merchant Promotional Links
3. Shop at the Merchant Store
4. Apply the Coupon Code in the Checkout if a coupon code exists
5. Review Savings before final Checkout
6. Comeback and Enjoy Savings anytime you Shop Online

How to use coupon codes? Watch the below Video.


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What is Coupon?

Briefly speaking, "coupons" help you to make your purchase cheaper. Online retailers often offer special discounts in order to publicize their site. These offers can appear in many different ways. We're constantly searching typical places where they appear. Once we find one, we post it here.

What is a coupon code and how do I use it?

Coupons for online stores generally come in the format of a coupon code. When you find a deal on our site that says "Code - XXXX", you will need to enter that code at some point during checkout at that store. It is difficult to be more specific, because many stores have you enter the code at different points during checkout.

Why doesn't the coupon work and what I should do?

Most coupons have an expiration date, which --when it's known -- we post along with the coupon. Sometimes, coupons expire before their posted expiration date. It is also possible the online merchant pulled the coupon early for various reasons. The merchants may also have modified the condition of the coupon. There are times when the response to the special offer is so large that the on-line merchant decides to modify the coupon - to either a smaller discount or a larger minimum purchase requirement. If there's a very good coupon or offer posted, we strongly suggest that you use it early. We test all the deals prior to posting it online; however, we do not have the capability to verify every deal every day. can not guarantee the accuracy of the deals listed. If you discover that a coupon does not work please report us in the report section. We will quickly update or fix the invalid deal. Please do not contact the online merchant for coupon issues. If you miss out on a specific deal, chances are a new one will appear soon. Keep checking this site daily or subscribe to our free e-mail service and we will be sure to keep you up to date.

Are they available to everyone?

Usually the answer is yes! Some special savings are offered only to those who have become "members" of a particular site. The trick is to find the coupons for the products that you are most interested in purchasing. That is where we are to help! Our job is to constantly hunt down the best bargains and coupons offered online. When we find one, it will get posted to this site.

How long are they good for?

Most coupons have an expiration date which will be posted, when known, along with the listing, here on this site. If the expiration is "unknown" go ahead and give it a try! Many times the value pages are left "live" by the retailers but they are not actively promoting it.

Why did my coupon come up 'expired'?

Sometimes, coupons expire before their posted expiration date. Retailers allot so much in dollars per promotion. Often, they under-estimate and the special is far more successful than they expected. If, for example, a retailer offers a "free pen" with each purchase and they run out of pens earlier than planned, then they must make the decision to inactivate the offer. What we, the consumer, may view as fraudulent advertising, is more a case of poor planning regarding that particular promotion, by the retailer. It is for that reason that if you see a super good coupon offer posted, we encourage you to use it quickly. If you do come across a coupon posted here which is inactive, we would appreciate you dropping us an e-mail so that other consumers do not follow the same disappointing path.

What are the restrictions?

Generally, coupons are restricted to one coupon use per household. If there are five coupons for a particular retailer, you can use each one once. Often times there may be "first time purchasing" restrictions. Most do not allow for more than one coupon or savings per item or what is referred to sometimes as "piggy-backing" coupons which mean if an item is already discounted at a special price, the coupon may not be eligible.

Do you sell out any of our personal information?

No, absolutely not! We will never sell or give out any of your personal information to anyone! By signing up with us, your personal information is 100% safe with us!

Do you guarantee any specials that you offer?

No, at the time the link or special is placed in our site, the discount is good. Unfortunately, many of our affiliates do not contact us when a discount or freebie is expired. Unfortunately, at times you may find an offer that is no longer available. Check with companies for guarantee.

Do all of your companies offer coupons?

No, most of our companies do not supply coupons. But, we do our best to list the lowest priced merchants that we can find. Many of our affiliates will save you more money off retail prices with their everyday discounts than a famous retail store might with their personal coupon.

What Is The Best Way To Keep Track of These Coupons?

The best way to keep track of all the online coupons is visiting our site regularly. You can also keep up to date through our newsletter. We will update you with the best online deals and coupons once a month or so. This gives us a chance to keep you in the loop or notify you of a limited time coupon offer. Your email address will never be sold and will only be used by us to contact you once a week. So keep up with the coupons and add yourself today!

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